Acts: 999999999 (Live), Cailín, Cleric, Inhalt Der Nacht, Jon Hussey, Myler, Randomer, Rebekah, Setaoc Mass and many more…

Many eclipses ago in a time now almost forgotten, there was a race of beings who possessed supernatural powers, a great knowledge of the cosmos and a deep respect for all life....

The Tuatha Dé Danann (People of Danu)

Ogham Alignment, the first temple of the Tuatha Dé Danann, is a sacred space of immense energy where they would come to find solitude. This is where they learned ancient wisdom and drew power from the Temples' 12 surrounding Ogham crystals. These 12 crystals were overshadowed by a colossal sundial centrepiece representing the 13 month Celtic Ogham calendar. The crystals stand some 10 feet upright towards the stars, mapping galactic alignments over a 13.8 billion year cycle.

Join us this September and retrace the footsteps of the Children of Danu, dance beneath the stars at Ogham Alignment and immerse yourself in Fuinneamh 2019.

Grá, Rithim agus Athrú - Love, Rhythm and Change.