lotus tribe village

Our theme for this years Festival - Yin and Yang / The Ancient Philosophy of Dualism.

This year we attempt to create a Festival where balance is our focus.

Fuinneamh has always prided itself on its immersive multi-sensory audio visual stage designs and the stellar underground electronic line ups that fill them. We promise to only continue pushing the envelope in that regard. This is our Yang energy and we are really looking forward to inviting you back to experience this side of Fuinneamh in September.

In contrast to that and in order to honour both sides of the philosophy, we are creating and curating a space completely dedicated to Yin energies: ''The Lotus Tribe Village’’.

Firstly we would like to proudly announce that this entire area will be run on Solar Power and not connected to our main Festival grid. A massive thanks to our sustainability partners Native Events for their astonishing boundary pushing efforts in making the event industry a more sustainable place.

So, finally, for two nights under the cosmos our Lotus Tribe Village will offer

Fireside Chill-Out Areas, Acoustic Music, Bands, Story Telling, Mindfulness Talks & Workshops, Sound Healing Workshops, Yoga, Meditation Workshops, Arts & Crafts Workshops, Sustainability Talks, Quiet Spaces and much more.

In doing this our goal is to create a Festival which inspires balance in the lives of our patrons. Balance for ourselves, balance in our relationships with one another and balance in the relationship we have with our planet. We believe that both sides need to be honoured for energy to flow harmoniously and without resistance. This in itself is what our festival has always been about. Fuinneamh - Energy.