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Please include budget for your materials and site costs and be as accurate as possible. Once an application is successfully processed we cannot amend budgets.
Please include how many people are on your site crew and a brief description of each of their roles.
We are a Green Festival and leaving no trace is very important to us!
Please give as much information as possible, inclusive of actual Performance footprint (length x width x depth) in metres & total area needed (inclusive of area surrounding Performance).
Please describe the environment in which you envisage your Art Installation, e.g. woods, open area etc.
Please give as much information as possible including type, quantity, colour etc.
We have a site-wide Noise Management Plan and must incorporate all noise emitting elements into it.
Please be as accurate as possible as we will need to implement adequate Risk Assessment/Staffing. You will need to submit a Health & Safety statement, possibly with insurance.