Hill of Danu

Live/Bands Mainstage

As the sacred waters of Danú rained down upon the land of Inis Fail, from it grew life - vibrant radiant energetic life...

At the Hill of Danu stage, Live acts from all across the Emerald Isle perform in front of a beautiful natural amphitheatre backdropped by gigantic sycamore trees enriched in the wisdom of the Boyne Valley.

Live music, energy in its rawest form... Inspired are the hearts of these Artists to play music from their soul. Let their harmonies move you, let their voices take you away.

Journey to the Hill of Danú and let the music in.

Ogham Alignment

Techno Mainstage

Many eclipses ago in a time now almost forgotten, there were a race of beings who possessed supernatural powers & a great knowledge of the cosmos and a deep respect for life - The Tuatha de Danann (Children of Danú). Ogham Alignment, the first temple of the Tuatha de Danann; a sacred space of immense energy where they would come to find solitude. This is where they learned ancient wisdoms and drew power from the temples' twelve surrounding ogham crystals. These twelve crystals overshadowed by a colossal sundial centrepiece represent the thirteen month Celtic ogham calendar. They stand some 10 feet upright toward the stars, mapping galactic alignments over a 13.8 billion year cycle.

Retrace the footsteps of the Children of Danú and dance beneath the stars.

Keep Her Lit

House Mainstage

A tip of the hat to the Keep Her Lit open-air forest parties many moons ago. The Keep Her Lit Stage will be two days and nights of local House legends, passionate creative souls and some very impressive visual mapping.

This Stage is about honouring our journey to this point in time - the now.

Anam Cara

Various Genres

Anam Cara (or Soulmate) is a place where we let our friends and collectives from all across Ireland take over a little piece of Fuinneamh and express it in their own way. Expect a wide-variety of electronic music, live sets, house, techno, drum and bass, dubstep and much more.

Confirmed collectives so far: Small Talk, Better Living, Research, Illicit, The Early Shift, 045 Records, Koma Records, Gnosis, Irish Underground Sound.

Cosmai Ceol


Cosmaí Ceoil waits patiently deep in one of Ireland's last remaining native forests for a re-awakening. A relic left behind by the Kings of the Tuatha de Danann. A crystal skull containing all the knowledge in the known universe. The Goddess Eriú, she who gave her name to the emerald land beneath our feet. Her knowledge and the knoledge of her people, a gift to us. It is said that one who ventures into the woods and dances beneath the skull will be shown ancient wisdoms - wisdoms of the cosmos. But beware, many who have ventured have never returned.

Dance beneath the Goddess Eriú and immerse yourself.


Roots, Dub, Jungle

Deep in the fortress of woodland solitude, bass frequencies shake the Earth and awaken the ancient energy of the Tuatha de Dannan. A truly breathtaking structure, a grass roots sound system and a passionate team of music lovers collaborate to make this area extra special. Otherwordly chill-out areas surround this entire space.

Wagwan will feature music stretching through genres designed to make your body move.