All of our Campsites are positioned specifically to give festival-goers an incredible view from inside a valley of the 5,000 year old megalithic cairns which dot the hilltops of Loughcrew. These sacred monuments are as old as the pyramids and are some of the most precisely aligned time-mapping structures in the world.

  • All Weekend Ticket holders have access to the Campsites which are situated beside the Arena.
  • Campsite facilities include toilets, water and vendors/traders.
  • The Campsites open at 10:00 on Friday September 15th 2017 and close at 13:00 on Sunday September 17th 2017.
  • Day Ticket holders are not permitted access to the Campsites.

Pamper the Camper will be stationed in the Campsite for all of your camping accessories. You can also pre-book your camping gear and have it delivered to the Festival - saves you carrying it!