The environment plays a massive part in what we are about and in what we try to do with Fuinneamh Festival. We are passionate about Mother Nature - she has given us a beautiful landscape amongst which we can celebrate in September. We feel it only right that we return the land like before we borrowed it for the Festival.

Our main focus is on being carbon neutral and controlling our waste output. We believe in leaving no trace and ask our festival-goers to do the same. We will try and do our part as much as possible, from off-setting the carbon emissions from our generators, providing separate recyclable waste bins, making sure our traders are not bringing unnecessary plastics or non-biodegradable packing materials and a host of other Green initiatives - all of which you can read about here as we announce them and also on our Facebook page.

There are many ways you can help out – lift-share or get the bus to the Festival, please use the waste bins provided on-site, dispose of cigarette butts carefully, please bring your tent and all of your accessories home with you and if you see any blatant disregard for the environment, please inform a member of our stewarding team or staff.

Grá, Rithim agus Athrú - Love, Rhythm and Change.