Inspired by stories of old, stories of new, dreams, imagination, the lives we live, the people we meet and the experiences we have, the Artwork at Fuinneamh Festival provokes thought, inspires, and sets one on a voyage of psychological enthrallment. From crystal standing stone circles pulsating energy towards the cosmos to crystal skulls containing the secrets of the Universe.. From our stages to our installations, everything at Fuinneamh Festival is designed to immerse its audience into another realm - a realm where everything and anything is possible.

Join us in September for 2 nights under the cosmos and experience it for yourself.

On the sacred land of Loughcrew - immerse yourself in Fuinneamh...

If you would like to apply to have an Art Installation at Fuinneamh Festival 2017, you can do so here.

Grá, Rithim agus Athrú - Love, Rhythm and Change.